The Unknown Man
 - (A suspicious death at Somerton Beach) - 
by G.M. (Gerry) Feltus

Front cover of the book, The Unknown Man. Also refered to as The Taman Shud Case, The Tamam Shud Case, The Taman Shud Code or the Unsolved Mystery of the Somerton Man

Late in the evening on the 30th of November 1948 a well dressed man was seen lying on Somerton Beach with his head against the seawall.

The following morning the body of a male person was found dead in the same position. He had no identification and the tags had been removed from his clothing.

A piece of paper with the words 'Tamam Shud' printed on it was later found in his pocket. This led investigators to a book of poems called The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, and eventually, the actual book the piece was torn from. Handwritten text on the back of the book, sometimes referred to as 'The Taman Shud Code', has driven the imagination of many would be code breakers. The code of the Taman Shud Case, if it is a code, remains unbroken. All this just adds to the mystery of the Somerton Man.

To this day, after years of investigation & extensive media coverage, the identity of the unknown man, and the police case, remains unsolved. This book, written by a career police investigator with first hand knowledge of the case, brings all the evidence, the public knowledge & the media speculation together into one place.